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Happy Hop

Medium Carry Bag

Medium Carry Bag


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All of our jumping castles includes a storage bag. 

In case you have misplaced your original carry bag you can purchase another from our authorised reseller

Little Kids Jumping Castles

Suitable for the following products:

  • 4 in 1 Play Center Jumping Castle (SKU #9114)
  • Monster Slide and Hoop Bouncer (SKU #9208)
  • Slide and Hoop Bouncy Castle (SKU #9270)
  • Bouncy House with Ball Pit (SKU #9311)
  • Bubble 4 in 1 Play Centre (SKU #9214)
  • Clown Bouncer with Slide (SKU #9201)
  • Fireworks Bouncer with Slide (SKU #9201F)
  • Happy House Jumping Castle (SKU #9315)
  • Princess Jumping Castle with Slide (SKU #9201P)
  • Rainbow Jumping Castle with slide (SKU #9017N)
  • Hot Air Balloon Slide & Hoop Bouncer (SKU #9070N)
  • Jumping Castle with Slide & Hoop (SKU 9221)
  • Party Fun House (SKU #9215)
  • Party Slide and Hoop Bouncer (SKU #9070)
  • Pentagon Castle and Slide (SKU #9018N)
  • Pink Jumping Castle with slide (SKU #9017P)
  • Princess Jumping Castle (SKU #9001P)
  • Princess Fun House (SKU #9215P)
  • Sky Kids Airplane Jumping Castle (SKU #9237)
  • Soccer Bouncer (SKU #9187)
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