How They Are Made

Some minor hissing sounds coming from our jumping castle’s seam is normal. All inflatable Jumping Castles/Water Slides on the market are sewn with heavy threading yet not completely sealed, this is so the air can continuously escape.

Product Care

With our Water Slide units it is also completely normal to see bubbles at the seams. This is caused by the air constantly escaping whilst pushing water out of the seams and producing bubbles.

The electrical blowers that come with our Water Slides are splash proof. This means if a splash of water happens to come in contact with your blower it is completely safe.

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Material - high-quality PVC

Our products are constructed with a combination of high grade laminated polyester and multi layered PVC materials to ensure durability and functionality. Our materials are fire-resistant and comply with Australian toy safety standards.

Double- to quadruple-stitched high grade laminated polyester and multi layered PVC materials throughout the entire unit supports rugged activity.

safe jumping castle

Designed for maximum fun & safety

Our Happy Hop jumping castles and inflatable water slides have been carefully designed with the way that kids play at front of mind. The extra cushioning on the inflatables are made to measure to ensure kids are always protected when bouncing, playing or sliding. This means careful attention to the height of the slide rails, extra cushioning below climbing walls,  placement of obstacle courses' and other fun activities.


Our Happy Hop products undertake extensive quality control testing to ensure all of our products are safe.  They meet the EN71 Safety Standards. Our materials are fire-resistant and comply with Australian toy safety standards. Large viewing windows that are made from strong, secure mesh, while Velcro openings and a giant safety step to help kids enter and exit safely.
Inflatables materials

Stitching - 3 layers

Our jumping castles and inflatables are made with double to quadruple stitching to ensure maximum durability. At Happy Hop we pride ourselves on providing quality stitching.

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