About Happy Hop

Happy Hop Australia offer Happy Hop children inflatables in Australia and New Zealand. Happy Hop is known worldwide as an industry leader of jumping castles and inflatable water slides. We are pleased and confident that Happy Hop’s quality products will be welcomed in your home. . Happy Hop Australia is an importer of Happy Hop’s variety of inflatables into Australia and New Zealand. We have a large distribution network enabling us to distribute the Happy Hop and other products across Australia and New Zealand.
Happy Hop

Happy Hop

The Happy Hop Australia team is not just employees. We stand behind our products because we are parents as well. We believe that children are happy and healthy when they lead active lives. Your investment into the Happy Hop product line of inflatable water slides and jumping castles will provide hours of fun for your kids and their friends. Buying a Happy Hop inflatable eliminates the need to call for a jumping castle hire for every event.

Our inflatables are easy to keep around the home because they deflate in such a short time. Therefore, you can conveniently store them away just about anywhere in your home. Once your child wants to play, you can inflate them easy with an electric air blower.

You also can rest assured your child will enjoy the inflatables for years to come. As they are extremely durable, we also include a simple to use repair kit with each bounce house as well as a comprehensive warranty you can count on.

Why choose Happy Hop?

Our Passion

We are passionate about providing children with as much outdoor play time as possible and minimising screen time in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. An investment in a Happy Hop jumping castle or inflatable water slide provides endless hours of fun and fitness for all children. When you purchase one of our jumping castles or inflatables, you will never have to hire a jumping castle for your child's birthday party again.


All Happy Hop inflatable jumping castles and water slides are hand-manufactured using the most up to date and advanced development techniques. All our jumping castles and inflatable water slides are double to quadruple stitched designed to support the rugged nature of jumping castle play. The reinforced seams of all our jump products ensure puncture-proof play and all the materials used in their manufacture are fire-resistant and comply with the strict standards put in place for Australian toys.

Repair Kit & Maintenance Tips

Our jumping castles are easy to set up and put away, they inflate in very little time and before you know it, your kids are good to go. All our inflatables come with a repair kit for any maintenance you require and our comprehensive warranty ensures any manufacturing issues are resolved quickly and easily.

Australian owned and operated

We pride ourselves on being an Australian owned and operated business with one goal in mind- to make children happy. Our jumping castles and inflatables make any backyard fun.